North Cell has several patents granted in the area of cellular resuscitation. The technology has application to wound healing and can probably be added as an excipient to existing topical products where an additional “wound healing” activity could be desirable (for example: antifungals for athlete’s foot or a skin lotion for dry cracked winter skin)

Benefits to adding this wound healing technology to an existing product include:

1. Quenching free radicals and diminishing inflammation

2. Healing of any cracks, lesions or wounds

3. Reducing the appearance of any scars

4. Protection of any drug active from free-radical metabolization

5. Possible increased efficacy due to longer residence time of the drug active.

The company also has new cancer treatment technology that will stimulate the immune system to recognize cancer cells. This patent on this technology has been granted. It is believed that this technology may have application as an adjuvant to existing cancer treatments, and may even have application for the treatment of infections concerned with certain immunocompromising viruses.