Potential Applications, Both Rx and OTC

North Cell Pharmaceutical has developed a technology platform of patented ingredients ( Skin Resuscitation Factor™ SRF™ ) that can down regulate inflammation (eliminate the destruction of nitric oxide to peroxynitrite), to enhance healing or to up regulate nitric oxide that can be used by the human body to kill bacterial, viral, and fungal infections and tumors. SRF™ can be used independently to create new products or can be added to existing products to enhance efficacy and to generate new product claims.

• Skin Treatments
Healing dry cracked skin
Healing severe dry skin due to disease (venous dermatitis)
Psoriasis and other hyperproliferative diseases
Seborrheic scalp conditions

• Wound Healing
General wound healing
Decubitus ulcers
Bed sores, pressure ulcers, etc.
Combination with immunostimulators for major Decubitus and venous ulcers
Diabetic ulcers
Post laser surgery recovery

• Infected Wounds
Combination with RX antifungals
Combination with antivirals (AZT) for HIV lesions

• Sunburn Treatments
Treatment of major sunburn damage

• With Drug Therapy
Combination with Retin A to reduce Retin A irritation
Combination with Vitamin D and anaolgs for Psoriasis

• Sore Throats
Combination with RX antimicrobials to kill infections

• Women's Products
Combination with RX antimicrobials for vaginal bacterial infections

• Topical Products Including Veterinary Products
Combination with antibacterials
Combination with antifungals
Combination with other drugs
To heal skin cuts, scrapes and minor burns
Treatment of organ injuries
Heal tissue damage in mastitis

• Miscellaneous
Combination with Minoxidil
Combination with peptic ulcer drug delivery system